3D sublimation BENEFITS :

3D sublimation brings many benefits, as it allows late decoration of objects :

  • whatever their shape

  • whatever their dimensions

  • for most materials (see section)

  • for any kind of decoration

  • with a competitive price

  • in a total respect of our environment

This decoration technique, unlike other techniques, is :

  • easy to implement
  • late in the manufacturing process of your products (according to the project, no or few temporary stock to manage)
  • offering a practically unlimited choice of graphical possibilities and colours
  • allowing a large flexibility for objects personnalization
  • adapted to unique parts as well as large series
  • economical : low initial implementation cost
  • 100% ecological : no solvent, no gazeous or polluting emanation
  • without any impact on materials surface
  • faithfull of initial decoration (picture, image, drawing, illustration, artwork, ...)
  • very resistant : dyes, trapped into the surface of the material, become insensitive to time, friction and scratching

It also has its limitations :

  • sublimation cannot be applied to materials that don't resist to heat ; you then have to change your product material
  • it cannot be applied on black or dark parts ; the colour of your object must be light before sublimation
  • white dyes don't exist in sublimation ; if you wish to include white colour in your decoration, your product must look white before sublimation
  • we don't propose metallic inks (i.e. gold or silver) because metallic particles cannot sublimate under atmospheric conditions ; if you wish to include metallic colours in your decoration, your product must look metallic before sublimation

PACIFIC COLOUR's know-how and expertise very often make it possible to find solutions to these limits. We remain available to listen to your needs and advise you the best way for your projects.